QS Mastermind

I know that many of you have probably attended QS meetups and the like. I was wondering if there was any interest in forming smaller mastermind groups centered around quantification, providing feedback, and having discussions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?

Once upon a time, someone from QS Labs started organizing “co-laboratories” to bring together people wanting help with their projects. Great idea, but perhaps the overhead of scheduling times that worked for everyone was too high.

There’s also a QS Slack channel that could be useful for this kind of thing, but activity there has died down now that Slack is no longer a cool new toy.

You can always use this forum to ask for feedback, too :wink:

Wherever Eric is, there is at least 1 QS mastermind present…

Yeah I definitely have pulled a lot away from this forum and all of the discussions going on.

I just thought it might be a nice way to check in on each other’s current projects and experiments and really go into depth in real time.

I think ideally groups of 3-4 people would be best for scheduling purposes.