QS Research - 5 minute survey!

Hello QSers! I am working on a team of masters in human computer interaction students at Carnegie Mellon that is looking at human behavior a world 5-10 years from now in which connected devices with sensors are ubiquitous. We are looking for QSers to fill out our quick survey about data management and device adoption. Thanks for your time in helping with our research!


Hi, could you please clarify what is included in a “QS device”? For example:

A notepad where I track my weight manually.
The technical logs on my computer which I may later include in a QS analysis (seriously, but captured incidentally)
The technical logs on my smartphone which I may later include in a QS analysis (these required forethought to set up a system to capture them)
The notes I make in a non-QS associated smartphone app
The logs I create in QS-associated smartphone app
The data from an explicitly QS device like a Zeo.

I figure you either want all of these or just the last one or two?

All of these! Thanks!!