QS Slack Closing - Rescue Anything You Want THIS WEEK

Are we naive enough to trust a community resource to a commercial platform that may change terms or hijack resources at any time? Clearly we are. Or rather, we were.

Unlike the QS Forum, which is managed by @Dan_Dascalescu using free, open, source forum software, our QS Slack is owned by Salesforce, which purchased Slack for 27 billion last year.

Now, Slack has announced that free plans will only be able to access 90 day of messages. It’s doesn’t make sense for us to pay $8-$15 per member for this community resource (which is, frankly, not used very much). Therefore, we’re going to close the doors on our QS Slack.

We’ve run an export process on the content of the Slack, which captures ONLY the public channels, not the private channels or the DMs. So if you have anything in private channels or DMs that you care about, now is the time to find it and copy it.

The export gives us the content of the public channels in JSON format. There are probably some open source tools for converting this into a usable archive, but I haven’t explored this. If you want to help, or just want a copy of the archive, let me know.


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Are we moving to discord? Or do wiki and forum work well enough?

I think there’s a lot of QS discussion scattered around, but for moderation I think we’ll mainly keep it here, plus experimenting with the Wiki.

We have a nonprofit that hosts Slack, with full features. If you’d like to combine forces we can open a QS channel in our slack for everyone to continue communicating!

Thank you RiAnn; I think the lesson for us as a mostly volunteer community is that we should use relatively popular open source tools without too many dependencies that can cause unpleasant surprise. I think this Discourse forum is probably sufficient for now.

I appreciate you letting me know. I will dig around on the QC Slack, and see if there is anything worth saving for my own use.