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While recommending a mobile QS medication regime tracker to a potential client this Monday…as way to engage a community of 18,000 condition sufferers, they asked a great question. “Is there any efficacy data on QS trackers?” The woman who asked the question noted that when recently pregnant she used a pregnancy app for a few days but then usage dropped off and she abandoned the app.

Can anyone point me to any relevant studies, clinical or non-clinical?

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I wish I had more information on this too. One of the projects I’m working on is very much interested in how to connect with and maintain engagement with users of QS tools over the long haul. What is the medication regime tracker you’re looking at?

Does anyone have any input on what works and doesn’t work for these QS trackers? I don’t mean to thread-jack, maybe just solicit some non-clinical, not-necessarily-substantiated observations.

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I have come across no really useful studies showing the efficacy of tracking apps. Partly this is because of the slow pace of clinical studies. Studies presented at a Stanford mobile health conference earlier this year, were based on apps published (and used) a couple of years ago. There are also thousands of apps, and most in fact have tremendous drop-off rates. And, there is much bad design.

Wonder Monkey: You might find this paper, published in a leading design journal, interesting: http://bit.ly/ReframingHealthPaper