QS Symposium on Pain

Where can I find any summaries or videos from the the QS Symposium on Pain?
I am involved in a project here in Sweden to create an international decision support system for patients with pain symptoms and their primary care doctors. Would love to learn more about what the symposium generated and get in contact with the participants.

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Henrik yours is a noble project. I would like also to see some transcript from the symposium and the ideas generated. Also I would love to see the fruits of your labor.
In my open source project Biolog, we have a universal 5-frown widget
It works for any disease including pain, to indicate severity. Cross language of course.

Hi Henrik and Dave, You can see pretty good documentation, including list of all attendees with mini bios, on our QS Symposium on Pain web site. There is also descriptive info about all the challenge entries in the online version of our printed program:

Print Program for QS Symposium on Pain

Hope this is useful!