Qualitative Food Tracker for Android

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After not having much luck with the Fat Secret app and gained a lot of weight on a high protein/low carb diet I decided to revisit the voice calorie counter I made for Android but change it so that it would track qualitative food ratings a bit better.

To improve my diet I tracked good or “star” foods which I self rated for fiber content, low sodium or micronutrients… Basically anything I thought was pretty beneficial I gave a star.

Essentially I ramped up my fiber, fruit and veggies intake while also tracking calories and coincidentally my RHR according to my Fitbit Alta dropped 3-4 pts lower than it’s been in the past 2 years. I am also losing about 1 lb a week again for the past 3 weeks. I still have a long ways to go to get back to my desired weight of 170 lbs.

I am choosing more of a vegetarian diet rather than keto because I think it is far healthier for my liver which is already burdened by some of my medications.


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What’s pts?

Points can be Weight Watcher points or any point system that you want to make up. It has one major advantage over calories because it cuts way down on typing (ex. 2 points instead of 110 calories for a banana) The extra precision of calories does not really seem to buy too much at least for me because I might sometimes overeat by 50% of my calories if I am not careful.

Oh, I thought you were dividing calories by points of some kind. Now it makes sense :smile:

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In the past 30 days, I ate at least 56k Cal’s and burned about 76k so I should have lost about 5lb which seems about right (228 to 222lb in past month) . I would really rather be using MFP to track sodium and potassium , but it’s just too clumsy and slow for logging for me.