Quantification Framework

I’m making my book, T-Frame: A Framework For Managed Transformation, freely available to QSers in the hope that it will serve to inspire innovation around the topic of managed transformation. The book describes a quantification framework that I created which deconstructs a human into traits and their associated, quantifiable attributes. Metrics are assigned to the attributes and used for assessments. There is a process of long-term goal setting with embedded short-term goals and this process is used to move aspects of being (e.g. cognitive ability, muscular endurance, facets of stress) from current state to target state.

The chapter on Transformational Engineering lays out a scheme for quantifying volume and intensity of personal change, aggregation of cost factors and the utilization of these concepts to optimize further process plans. I believe this chapter will be especially interesting to QSers.

I successfully used this framework to transform myself and have since evolved it to be applicable at the enterprise level.

I am currently embarking on several related efforts, including application development and extensions for engaged groups. I’m looking for people for whom this type of system resonates, that might want to get involved.

I can be contacted at: tyler [at] mayaculpa [dot] com