Quantification of Video Gaming Habits


I’m one of the authors of a new tool intended to help video gamers self quantify game-play and purchasing habits (specifically anyone that uses Valves Steam platform). I originally started this project to help me make better decisions on where to spend my time & money by looking at my own historic data but it quickly expanded to include my friends as well.

I’d love any feedback from anyone here who would find this kind of tool useful (and has an account on Steam). If you’re interested, you can take a look at it here: http://www.gaugepowered.com


I don’t think I’d care much about cost per hour… More interesting metrics would be addictiveness (how much effort do people put into completing a game), or even how exciting a game is (collect data via EEG/ECG)!

Interesting suggestion…

The cost-per-hour metric that is heavily used on the site right now is more of a stop gap before I’m able to generate a set of “insights” into why someone has played or enjoyed a game. Addictiveness and effort are interesting metrics to incorporate.