Quantified Capacity Assessment

Hello, I created a personal growth resource suite and I’m looking for someone to come and give me a peer review on my projects. I wrote a book the covers the full range of human capacity at the extreme end of the spectrum case studies and insights. Also I created a capacity assessment that measures the full range of human capacity it’s rudimentary still but will be finished soon
. When used together it allows user to ascend to the set standard in excellence in a fraction of the time. I have a discord server I use as an office suite for all my projects. I’m looking for someone with special interest in this sort of thing to guide me a bit more towards my objectives. Please reach out. Here’s an example


Your approach seems to focus heavily on exceeding the baseline versus bringing the unwell up to a healthier standard. Is that right? What’s been the reasoning behind your work so far? What does “it allows user to ascend to the set standard in excellence in a fraction of the time” mean exactly?

Depending on your long-term goals, the nonprofit I work with could be a potential collaborator! Here’s the site and a few other resource links that explain what we do and why: Live Learn Innovate Foundation, Mission, Use Cases

First off, I would like to say how nice it is to finally meet you. You have no idea what I’ve been through to get here… I actually started this journey after I left school in Toronto. society was causing me mental stress, and Ill will. I got this model from a video game and created a rudimentary manual to pretty much gauge the trajectory I was taking in life and make more informed decisions before jumping into the dark. My original project was highly inaccurate. And was just a concept idea. Fast forward 8 years and a titanic effort I’ve created a unified frame work that covers the full range of human capacities. Basically I’m writing a book that covers the extreme end of the capacity spectrum for each topic of aptitude and my assessment allows users to measure themselves, see their weaknesses in black and white then use the book in coordination to reach that same height in a fraction of the time by giving a structured path. You have to forgive me I don’t have a longer term goal further than the end of the year yet. I’ve never gotten this far… also your right my scales only cover exceeding the baseline because I was never intent on going backwards I only wanted to help myself forward I didn’t think it would evolve into this thing. this is infact the end of my long term goal getting here. I’m just trying to address this research gap and get my team and opportunity to change their lives. My organization is in its infancy still. And I would be forever grateful for collaboration efforts my current team is waiting for their semester to end. Before we start our research paper. This entire journey has been guided by intuition so here at the end it’s all falling together, almost like magic. The dean of Stanfords school of education Dan Schwartz sent me to this forum. And I would be absolutely happy to welcome a joint effort for my life’s purpose…. If you’re serious and wish to explore my program. Have somebody reach out to me from your organization officially and I’ll invite your representative to my discord server which acts as an office suite for my team. And you can check out all my projects.

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My soul sends its regards 🫶🏻



Congratulations on the start of a great experiment that will last a lifetime!
Only, probably, your work does not take into account the environment of your activity and its changes.

Do you live in Toronto and study at Stanford University in the Faculty of Education?