Quantified Child

I would like to create some sort of quantification for my child specifically for school, 4th grade. I envision goals that align with her school curriculum, activities she can take to make progress towards those goals, and ways to measure her progress. I’ve looked at Khan Academy and plan to look at others like that. I’ve not found anything yet that is quite what I am looking for.

Has anyone else done this and have advice?


I haven’t done this but I’ve been curious about what the home schoolers have discovered. I’ll post anything I find out.

Encourage the child to learn information related to the school curriculum via Anki. Anki stores internally every review so there plenty of data that you can analyse.

My first grader uses GoodReads to track his reading. The major downside to this is that GoodReads now suggest that I might like “Diary of a Wimpy kid” because it is so highly rated by my friends. :wink:

His School (Texas) uses a web app called iStation to assess his reading, writing and spelling ability over time and there is a parent portal.