Quantified Dating

Hey QS -

I recently made a study quantifying when you should ask someone on a first date (it depends on how you meet them). And now I’m trying to tie these social related questions back to the individual.

I’m currently surveying what makes people connect on a date. The goal is to be able to tie personal data into crowd sourced data. For example, I’m more introverted, and will want to look for new behaviors / actions based on results from like-minded people.

Anyway, would love to hear your guy’s thoughts on my current work, and approach. Also, would love any of you guys to fill out the survey, still looking for a few more data points.

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Very interesting! Have you seen some of the existing QSers talks on quantifying dating?


Isn’t that how eHarmony works? They collect a lot of personal data through surveys, which they then use to find matches that are promising, according to their models…

The main shortcoming of this approach is that it relies on self-reporting, plus it’s way too tedious for most people (now that online dating is no longer limited to desperate people). I considered setting up a service that figures out people’s habits from their Fitbit data and Foursquare checkins etc, and uses that to find promising matches, but haven’t followed up on the idea. I’m surprised no one else has done anything similar yet.

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