Quantified Office

Since visiting the 2014 QS Conference in Amsterdam, I’ve given up on quantifiying myself (for now). I’ve found it takes even more effort, motivation and follow-through than I thought! But… I remain very much interested in the efforts and creativity of others in this area.

Today I came across this: http://dashboard.sidlee.com/
And this is how they measure it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TioYIJhdaKo&feature=youtu.be

In my mind, I immediately dubbed it ‘the quantified office’. In the first place, I think it’s a very interesting and engaging way to introduce people to (the daily rhythm of) your office. But then I started thinking: could this data also be used for more analytical purposes?

As I’m definitely not a SQ expert, I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on this!

Oh, by the way - I hope no one thinks this is some kind of spam… I don’t work at this company nor am I in any way affiliated with it (check out @izzl for proof I actually attended the QS2014 conference :)) I just came across the website and felt a need to share with the experts!

I’m sure some of the data could be useful, e.g. if you’re doing an initiative to encourage people to use the stairs instead more, waste less paper etc, you could check if your efforts are having any effect. Knowing the current noise level around the office could be useful for anyone who has fled to a more quite place. But there’s also a lot you can’t do, because you don’t still have enough context (i.e. you’d need even more data).