Quantified Self Technologies & Seniors

:idea:Seniors will make up 20% of the U.S. population by 2030 and will create a demand for remote monitoring and health-status measurement technologies because the traditional model of institutionalized care is too expensive to extend to this huge demographic bulge. This creates a leading-edge market for Quantified Self technologies that can extend to the mainstream market in time. What tools do you see today, or what tools do you imagine can be developed tomorrow, that could efficiently provide seniors with a superior quality of life?

I’d say that the Fitbit is a pretty easy tool to set up and use. I interviewed a couple (58 and 71) who use the Fitbit and they like it. You can also check out a research project by Beth Mynatt from GA Tech (Digital Family Portrait) about monitoring elderly adults.

Thanks Chloe. The GVU Center at GA Tech has a number of interesting potentially QS-related projects.

Well, it would help if all new self quantified tools come with bluetooth and export to JSON or CSV, and do not cost 99 USD. Fitbit is nice, but I can’t afford its price tag, even though it’s pretty damn convenient.