Quantify Nocturnal Perspiration

Hi All,
It’s my first time here and as well my first post.

I’m an inventor who developed a non invasive, non intrusive, nocturnal sweat rate sensor named Q-Strip. It’s working over Iot (and by origin i’m a tech nerd), and uses open source hardware to communicate to the cloud.

In my understanding, there is no sensor in the world what measures how we simple sweat during sleep. In all the wearables there are… where is the Sweat Rate ? Everybody sleeps and everybody sweats, but for some reasons we humans think we only sleep…

Here is a small example if we compare the Sweat Rate with Oura deep sleep stages ^^

I’ve studied tons of data during development of this sensor over 25 people over 2.5 years.

We’re on a mission.
Now tell me, did You had a sweat rate last night ?

This was mine… a “Whale” pattern… one of the 7 basic nocturnal perspirations patterns (shapes of curve during night).

To let You understand what i’ve found during developent, I’ve made this index.

Bytheway, this is me explaining my findings at a scientific symposium of thermoregulation.

Please let me know what You think of it.

Hope I did not fried Your brains.


that seems interesting! how does the sensor work?

Good question (i’m not here to sell anything btw). Just sharing my 5 years of work :slight_smile:

This is where the sensor is being placed, at chest height under the matress sleeve.
It’s a ribbon of about 90 cm long, logging each minute a resitive value.

If You want to heave a look in our science base, please have a look at www.q-strip.com
Hope this information was useful.