Quantify your blood

Hi I am trying to figure out the interests of self logging blood values.

I have made a survey I hope you can help me out with, other than that I am interested in your opinion on the matter.



Greetings Eriend - glad you are trying to use the Forum and make it useful for yourself. There are often polls and surveys posted here, and from experience I know that the best chance engaging the community is to participate for a while first and let people get to know you.

I am working on a webpage together with a laboratory. I am trying to map out which blood values are of interests of monitoring, so that you can do it all from home and check your changes on the web.

Please take a min to answer a short survey.



Have you seen Talking20, Inside Tracker, and Wellness FX? They will help you build a better picture of the market too.[hr]We should talk. I’m in the process of launching a new startup, 20Signals, offering Metabolomic and Proteomic testing.

I’ve just reviewed InsideTracker, a blood analytics and personalized recommendations service. A look at [url=https://www.insidetracker.com/customer/onboarding/choose-plan/their plans[/url] should indicate the biomarkers of most interest for various market segments.