Quantifying "brain skills"


I’m looking for a website / app / service that allows one to track day-to-day changes in one’s “brain” measurements, such as memory, reasoning, verbal ability, etc.

The only such service I am aware of (and for which I am a paying subscriber for) is Cambridge Brain Sciences [1].

I was wondering if there are other alternatives that are as research-baked as [1]. There are various reasons why I don’t love CBS on which I can expand if there’s interest, but mainly:

  • Poor time tracking on the website (have to email them to change your timezone, “community” data is based on unknown time-zone, so the data itself is pointless
  • Bad customer service taking days to reply back
  • Tests switch every day and you don’t know if a poor score is due to the specific test collection or because of other factors like sleep, supplements, etc.

Mind that I don’t want to “train” my brain as with services like Luminosity, I specifically want to measure brain “health” on criteria of memory, reasoning etc, a sort of daily IQ test. This is to monitor sleep and nootropic impact on these aspects.


[1] https://home.cambridgebrainsciences.com

I’d be interested in this, too, but suspect that beyond simple memory and reaction tests, it’s hard to measure without any training effect…