Quantifying caloric intake

Hello everyone,
Althought there are a lot of apps and devices available for tracking caloric output in real time (FitBit, Jawbone, etc). Being a Nutritionist, I always struggled and wondered if there is a better way to track nutritional intake (Instead of guestimating and manually entering calrories in MyFitnessPal)?

I built this smart cooking pan, SmartyPans. The pan comes with a free app and tracks the nutritional value of the food you are making as you are adding ingredients to the pan in real time. The app then also exports the nutritional content of the food into apps like MyFitnessPal and also FitBit.

I would really appreciate an honest feedback or your thoughts about the product. I would like to know if this is something you would see yourself using in the future?
I appreciate it!

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This is a great initiative - I’d love to see what comes of it, esp. given how poor food tracking is with some of the most popular food tracking apps out there.

Hi Dan,
I appreciate your response! Our manufacturer just sent out 2 prototypes and I have been using one myself since last month. I am really excited with the ease of nutrition tracking of home cooked meals with my product. I can’t wait to get this out and share with you guys!

Thanks again for your response! I’d love to hear more.

Hey Prachi,

This would definitely be a nice tool to have in the kitchen. I’m just curious if the pan is dishwasher-safe, non-stick, and little things like that?

Hey Sergey,

Thank you for your feedback! The pan is fully dishwasher safe. It is non-stick. Comes in two variations: 1) ceramic non-stick coating 2) stainless steel.
It works as a regular cooking pan on regular stove tops, induction cooktops, etc.
As for the integration: the first version is compatible with fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Googlefit

Thanks for the quick response!

Those features will definitely make it more user friendly.

Will you have your own database of nutritional information for the ingredients or will you be pulling that from somewhere else?

For raw ingredients we will be using the usda database for now. We will be computing nutritional info of the cooked food based on the change in weight, time and cooking temperature.
Eventually the idea is to build our own database.

Hey guys,
We are taking pre-orders on indiegogo for SmartyPans, to assess the market. The first batch will be shipped in Aug 2016. Please back us or if you know someone who could be an early adopter, please spread the word! http://bit.ly/23pkhja

I appreciate it!

I wonder if you’ve seen this article. I think it will make your jobs a little harder, but that much more gratifying if you can accomplish it.

Hi Sergey,
Thanks for sharing the article!
I believe it is extremely important we understand how our eating pattern is affected by different aspects of our life such as our sleep, exercise levels, stress levels, age, sex, BMR, etc. and vice versa. SmartyPans, provides accurate nutrition information based on what you cook and also the portion size: The two most crucial things required to understand your diet, when you eat at home.

I do not believe in calories-in/calories-out approach. Just for example, after the age of 22-25 an average male starts to lose 1 lb of muscle per year and that’s replaced by 1 1/2 lb of fat. (1 lb fat = 3500 cals). This lowers your metabolic rate by 2-5% /year.

Now, if you put together the data you gather from SmartyPans (complete nutrition breakdown of your food consumption) + data from FitBit (sleep levels, heart rate, calories burned, etc) + your personal info (age, sex, etc). You can get a deep insight and find some valuable info on your health. For example: you are gaining visceral fat at age 24 because of less sleep leading to increased cortisol levels and imbalance in ghrelin and leptin section, tracking nutrition on SmartyPans will point you in that direction.

Yeah all of those things you mentioned are definitely factors. I just worry about those factors that we can’t track very well at this point like our individual microbiomes.

Either way, I will be interested to see the accuracy of your pan as compared to current tracking methods. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Sergey! Factors you can not track can at least be predicted from the data available (as mentioned in my previous response).

I am a Clinical Nutritionist and am happy with the accuracy of the nutrition data I have been tracking with SmartyPans. I am giving out test pans to my early backers in March. We will find out about the user experience shortly!