Quantifying my gut health - 2nd analysis for 2022

I have measured my gut microbiota three times. This blog post focus on the latest result: https://ilmostromberg.com/gut-guide-review2/

Here is short summary:

Background: I Tested positive for COVID-19 in February 2022. 2 weeks later, I did a gut microbiota analysis (Gutguide). Levels of all the good bacteria fell (Bifidobacteria over 50%!).

I did the same gut microbiota test in 2018, so I had a good reference point.

Then problems started:

I got Shingles in April 2022 (pretty rare for a 34-year-old). It was a painful experience!

In June, I got a Random fever the next day after a 30km run.

And the end of September, I had flu.

Before the COVID-19 infection, the last time I was ill was in 2019, so I had a good run. But after shingles, I knew I had to focus on my gut health. Almost 80% of all immune cells are present in the gut!

I came up with a diet and supplement routine to improve my situation. Then end of November, it was time to do a retest with Gut guide microbiota analysis.

Results (top 3 findings):

Almost 400% increase in Bifidobacteria (good bacteria)

90% increase in Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii (good bacteria)

Over 40% increase on Gammaproteobacteria (bad bacteria) - I have always been in the suboptimal range with Gammaproteobacteria, but this time I basically maxed out in the wrong direction.

Possible theory on high Gammaproteobacteria levels

A month ago, I was driving a car and took a sip of water from my reusable water bottle. The water tasted funny, and instantly I had a huge aha moment.

I have used reusable water bottles for at least 7 years. What makes it problematic is my laziness; I clean the water bottle maybe once a week with dish detergent If I’m lucky

What If I have been dosing myself with e.Coli-flavored water for many years, and this is the result?

You can read it more here: https://ilmostromberg.com/gut-guide-review2/

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