Quantifying Progress to Inbox-Zero

I’m not sure what the etiquette is here for self promotion but I wrote this blog post which shows you how with less than a dozen lines of code you can monitor the state of your GMail InBox.



You could go further with this. Use your email as an interface to enter self quantified data that will simply be picked up by the google spreadsheet script.

Yes I could but I don’t have a gap in my capture process at the moment.
“Me” data - automated via FitBit
Running data - manually entered in spreadsheet (could be automated but my spreadsheet is the superset of the other locations that auto track it)
Misc data - captured via Tasker on my phone, straight to a spreadsheet.

I also have my personal dashboard summarising and collating the data (later blog post coming).

Wow! You’re a lot further on this than I am.

Is your dashboard is on the web?

It’s a google spreadsheet. It’s not public yet as it’s not pretty (just functional).

I’ll be blogging about it in the next week or so.