Quantifying Song Compostion

In this experiment I want to count the number of songs I create over a one-year period. Qualifying submissions do not include drafts, only completed works and completed works must accord to two components: they must be recorded and they must be played for live audience. Once these qualifications have been met, I will mark this page with a :slight_smile:

Currently its been about three weeks I’ve been working on this first song and I estimate I will need more time than that. My inference is that I will complete about ten songs in this year, making final recordings on August 2, 2021. Most probably I will follow up the next year with a similar study, for comparative purposes.

Thank you for reading here, I am looking forward to the next year of observations with you.

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I think this is a great idea even just in terms of giving yourself some discipline around production. I like the qualification criteria a lot. Where will you be playing the songs? I guess probably not in a live venue right now?

I was never so productive as when I was making myself record and release a track every week [link]. I’ll be interested to see how you get on!

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