Quantifying your emotional experience during music listening

Hello all,

I’m new to the forum so hi all. I’m a 26 year old graduating student and my project is about trying to quantify people’s personal music experience and designing an output to this.

We all have been to concerts with or without friends and when talking to each other about this the only thing we can say: “This was so beautiful/touching/gave me goosebumps” or something similar. Though there are so many different states we can get in while listening music, words always run short. Ultimately I’d like to make this invisible dialog visible to some extent.

I’ve been doing research for some time and surfing the forums. I know there are different ways to measure these emotions, it would be most practical to use HR/HRV + GSR seen my experience and budget. This could be possible combining a simple H7 Polar + arduino measuring GSR.

A few days ago I found this arduino set:

My question was if people know anything about this + the way you get your data? Besides this, does anyone have any tips regarding the subject? Do’s, dont’s or any interesting thoughts?

Hope to get some interesting information out of you guys :)!

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Hey guys,

Sorry to bump this one - is noone able or willing to help on this subject?

Let’s make it a little easier: what sensors do you guys think would be best to measure emotional arousal?
I was thinking about HR+HRV, GSR and maybe body temperature. I’d like to use an arduino to measure the inputs, I also stumbled upon these boards & sensors. Does anyone have any experience with any of these and maybe have some tricks & tips?

Any help on the former questions in the post above are really welcome as well!


Hey man, im interested in this as well, I havent got any definitive answers yet, but check out this talk:

this guy is experimenting with mri scans and self feedback. he’s done an experiment with a drummer too.

Also think of lastfm integration. I think one of the biggest emotion that music evokes is nostalgia, and maybe you could experiment with “last played” tag on lastfm. Let’s say you listen to a track that you’ve been listening to everyday, 2 years ago. It’s a big emotional spike for sure!

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