Question about company name? Is Quantum Labs a good name?

Hello all,

we are starting a new startup, we have a proposal name of “Quantum Labs”. Do You think it will be ok? I know it’s very general and quite obvious but on the other hand we want to do a lot diffrent things when it comes down to quantifing things.

The connection between name and the things we want to do is quite obvious (atleast for peoples on this forum) so there no point of explaining it.

So I ask you, if quantum labs sounds good? Does it not break any logical rules in your opinion? What’s your opinion on that?

Thanks for any advices.

What things do you want to do?

Well basicly, we will start with apps for quantifing things based not on user declartions (like “I did brush my teath today”) but on real time analisys behavior based on sensors (like all goodies in smart phone and other devices) and statistical analisys (if you have been at given place every friday for last month, spent there atleast 30 minuts, and we one that at this place there is a pub then we know that you are probably drinking beer).

So yes, basicly, new technologies to help quantifing more things than today, for masses, based on real-time analisys not declarations.