Question about lab test sites online

Greetings all, first post though have been reading for awhile.

I had a somewhat technical question about different lab testing sites online. I tried searching for this question, but was unable to find info. If this has already been addressed, please direct me to the post.

I have been going through Chris Masterjohn’s “cheat sheet” in which he describes how to assess Krebs cycle intermediates as well as an array of nutritional and inflammatory markers, as well as where to purchase them. The list is as follows:

Genova ION Profile + 40 amino acids
From the HDRI site, on their requisition form , the following tests: ETKA, EGR, NADH/ NADPH, EGOT, sulphur panel, GSH ox + red
Complete Blood Count (CBC) ( LabCorp , Quest )
Comprehensive metabolic panel ( LabCorp , Quest )
Parathyroid Hormone ( LabCorp , Quest )
1,25( OH) 2 D ( LabCorp , Quest )
Serum magnesium ( LabCorp , Quest )
Whole blood vitamin B1 ( LabCorp )
Whole blood vitamin B2 ( LabCorp )
Vitamin B5 ( LabCorp , Quest )
Plasma vitamin B6 ( LabCorp , Quest )
Vitamin B7 ( LabCorp , Quest )
Serum and RBC Folate (single test: LabCorp ; Quest offers serum and RBC separately)
Serum B12 ( LabCorp , Quest ) Uric Acid ( LabCorp , Quest )
Plasma ascorbate ( LabCorp , Quest )
Manganese in whole blood ( LabCorp ) or red blood cells ( Quest )
Plasma selenium ( LabCorp )
Iron panel ( LabCorp , Quest )
Serum transferrin ( LabCorp , Quest )
Total Glutathione (LabCorp )
24-hour urine iodine ( LabCorp , Quest )
Optional Add-On : Hair Elements ( Doctor’s Data )
Optional Add-On: obtain a 23andMe genetic analysis and run the raw data file through StrateGene .

My question is this. Some of the tests he recommends are very specific and I am having difficulty finding a single site online that offers all of the tests in one place. I have tried directlabs, healthlabs, walkinlab, requestatest. Are we able to mix and match requisitions from different sites?

I’m not sure what you mean by “mix and match.” I’m glad to ask a few people in the QS community who have done quite a bit of blood testing, but I want to understand your question better.

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What I mean to say is, sometimes a site (directlabs for example) will have a specific array of labtests that they can order via Quest. However, some of Masterjohn’s recs in his list are somewhat unusual and are not available on that first website. So then I go to another website (in this case walkinlab) and they have the additional tests available, so I order them through the second site.

So by ‘mix and match’ I meant that when I ultimately schedule my blood draw with Quest, can I bring in the separate requisitions from the two sites at the same time?

I believe the answer is yes, but I wanted to see if either Quest or Labcorp had a formal policy about this.

Ah, I get it - I think maybe @QuantifiedBob might know this, I’ve tagged him in case he has notifications on.

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As long as you have proper requisition forms I don’t see there being an issue but can’t hurt to call a local facility to confirm. I would be most concerned with making sure they don’t mix up the samples!

(Unfortunately, I live in one of the only states in the US (NY) that doesn’t allow individuals to order their own lab tests :rage:)

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Thank you both. I will be doing some serial monitoring of tests over time and will have the opportunity to compare the two as far as accuracy and precision. I will update here when I develop a significant data set.

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