Questions about personal health tracking

Hello everyone.

I am an undergraduate at the University of Chicago working on a B.A. thesis in Anthropology on self-tracking health technology. I’ve found the QS site and forums to be really useful sources for understanding how people are thinking about and using self-tracking, often in really innovative ways. I’m interested in getting to know a bit more detail about some of your stories using QS technologies to track your bodies and your health in particular. I know these questions might be a little basic for the level of discourse on these forums, but it would be really helpful for me to get a more thorough understanding of your specific experiences.

You can answer by responding on this thread or through this Google form if you’d rather remain more anonymous. I’d really appreciate anything you feel comfortable sharing. Also feel free to answer only some of the questions if any spark your interest.

Thank you so much for your help!

  1. What tools and devices do you use to track your body and health? How do you use them?
    When? Where? For how long? What does using them involve (pressing buttons, checking progress, wearing something, going online, writing things down, etc.)?

  2. How did you get started tracking your body and health?
    Where did you get information about how this might be helpful or interesting? How did you decide which tools or system might be right for you?

  3. What were your motivations to begin tracking your health when you started? Have your goals changed since then?

  4. Have these tools allowed you to do anything that you couldn’t have done otherwise? (specific to your use and your life). Has tracking changed you or your life? How so?

  5. Are you happy with the system you are using now and with the habits it encourages? Or does it feel more like a duty and a discipline?