Quick survey about wearables/self-tracking app usage, user experiences

Hi there,

Over the last 2 years I had great success with improving my health/fitness level (I quit smoking, I ran a half-marathon…) by measuring some basic physical and mental indicators (heart rate, diet, mood, sleeptime, activity level…) and using those as motivators.

For this, I use a lot of apps (In Flow, Sleepbot, Chronos, HR Monitor, Runkeeper, Tic Trac…) and recently a Fitbit Flex + Fitbit app. But it’s causing me a lot of headache to properly and regularly use all these apps, manage my data…

I think I’m not alone. I would like to dig deeper into this topic. Can anyone point me to detailed surveys, that examine the usage habits and perceived pros/cons of wearables and self tracking apps?

I would be interested in the raw data, not just 1-2 pie chart summaries and conclusions. :slight_smile:

So far I found one, that is very detailed: NY Quantified Self Survey Post

I also put together a short, 5 min survey:

I would be happy to share the raw, anonymous data with whoever fills it out - but if it has been done already and the results are available, I’d be happy to take a look.


Hi Attila:

Did you end up getting any responses to your survey? I just filled it out, and would love to see the anonymized results if you have any.


Hi Vik,
I got 53 responses so far. But I think there are at least 12-13 that are bogus responses.
On the weekend, I’ll export the data, mark the bogus responses somehow, and send it to you.
I hope that’s OK. :slight_smile:

I’d love to have a look at the results, too!

Sounds great. Thanks a lot, Attila!

Hi Atilla,

I just completed your survey and am very interested in the results. When you have a chance can you please send them to me?

Thank you!

Maybe too late, but you got a new response :wink:

Hi Atilla,

Great success story of QS! I’m also very interested in the results. If you’re still checking this thread, could you send those along?


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