Raw heart rate data during sleep

Hi guys. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how your heart rate pattern changes during sleep & I wanted to see if I could play around with some real raw data.

Does anybody know where I can find any such raw data? Say combined Zeo sleep state data + RR intervals (or some other measures of heart & sleep activity).


Hello Adrian!

I think you should have a look at Hexoskin. Their shirt might be what you are looking for.

The Angel sound promising too but you’ll have to wait at least 5 months. You can check out their indiegogo campaign.

If you find something else, please post it!


Thanks, Sebastien. However, more than equipment to get this raw data, I’m wondering if anybody knows where I can find actual data like this. e.g. a CSV file from somebody who has already compiled this information.

I just recently started delving into quantified self stuff and I find it surprising that there does not seem to be a unified repository for people to share their raw data. At this point, I might be able to come up with an algorithm that helps me understand my own data, but you need to go through lots of info to make sure the algorithm actually works in general. Wouldn’t it make more sense for people to share data between themselves to make the process easier?

Are other people running into this same problem? And would you consider such a repository to be useful?

In order for such data to be comparable, people need to follow the same protocol. Have a look at e.g. https://www.personalexperiments.org/.

Perhaps the Beddit device?


With SweatBeat, you can get access to your HR raw data. I conducted some experiments with it based on data got while sleeping.

Hi Adrian,
I finally purchased a Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor and the HRV Logger app for iOS. It outputs a csv file with the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) R-R data (milliseconds between beats). I have not had time to merge the data with Zeo sleep data.
The Sleep Tracker App does not export detailed accelerometer data to compare with HRV data.
Beddit hardware/software probably will never have sufficient detail for HRV computation, but it shows promise. The consumer version still does not have the same level of features that their medical version displays,
There are web sites set up to combine user data. Check out v6.bodytrack.org for uploading zeo data and their evolution Fluxtream.org

This is another site that users can upload their Zeo raw data: http://www.sleepstreamonline.com/

I am using the Alpha Mio to track my sleep … I wrote an Android App to connect to it but I need to work on it some more… but there are other products for reading it. You can your heart data to a file.

I picked up this sensor for cheap, but I haven’t tried it out yet, so I don’t know how well it works and it comes with no documentation whatsoever. Looks like a fingertip sensor. If I get a chance to test it out, I’ll update this post. It only cost $2.30