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what is the real supermemo? all your articles seem to be reprinted under many many different sites. the current has nothing but a poor quality shabby thing without most features and yet it also hosts some of the articles.

Hi, the history of the spread of the ideas embodied in Supermemo is long and complicated and perhaps not worth going into in detail. I think you are mainly wondering where to focus your own efforts. I currently use Anki; I find it the best of existing tools, and there is a very large and active user community where support is available. The place to look for an exposition of the origin, philosophy, and many related ideas about spaced learning and education is here: SuperMemopedia. This is maintained by Piotr Wozniak, who I think is best characterized as an “independent researcher on learning and memory” rather than as a software designer. (The original Supermemo and its direct descendants are still in use, and include advanced features that I have never gotten comfortable using, such as spaced reading and writing.)

In general, I prefer answering questions like this in the public threads so others can find them, but have left this in our private conversation in case you have a reason for posting it here.

Thanks. I was trying to get Wozniak’s attention not keep the thread hidden.

Not super memo guru: or ? I guess the last one is community?

and then there is

And is the commercial entity that sells the Supermemo line of products. Wozniak is not very involved in this. and are the same. is the Wiki Wozniak runs as a kind of running archive and community site for knowledge about his inventions and discoveries. Hope that’s helpful! It’s a bit of a jumble but full of interesting stuff.

Oh, one more thing. Wozniak uses spaced reading and spaced writing to organize his relation to queries and replies. You never know when in the future he may respond, it depends on his algorithm.

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EDIT: I will make this topic public, OK?

Um no; is what sells the products with features like sleep chart. is some kind of fake.

Whoops, you are right! I think is a licensee from many years ago that has the right to some kind of online version, probably using SM2.

Yes, great.

Here is another store: SuperMemo Downloads But it just send me to .

I still feel like installing this will hack my computer.

I get it. The maintenance vibe is bad.