Read self emotions sensor


Are there commercial sensors in the market which read your own emotions. I have seen few apps for reading other people’s emotions. I am aware of and MIT’s EQ-Radio . Any other commercial sensors or wearable devices in the market?

What do think of the stuff form Affectiva? Is it better than GSR? Using an EKG, we find that that the whole valance arousal is too simplistic and people vary to much and have strong subject related emotion triggers that depend on context. will report calm, tense, alert etc based on breathing pattern.

Any idea how to separate good from bad stress. Lots of variation in the “excitability” of people, which reflect normal healthy responses. Depressive rumination is all together different.

This is an area where self-assessment seems necessary. A very simple self-assessments for valence (positive vs negative feelings) could resolve the question, while sensor measurement for valence is much more difficult. I just tried the Affectiva demos. I saw a demo some years ago but it’s interesting that they are now on the web. The results were only semi-convincing. I think it might be one of those tools that can give a reliable signal in aggregate but for clear, useful individual measurement it may not be a great advance over self-assessment. Try it yourself: