Recommend iOS app for non-fitness tracking?

I’ve combed the forum a bit, but unfortunately many of the previously recommended apps don’t exist or don’t seem to be actively updated. I’m looking for an iPhone app which will allow me to easily track a variety of different daily factors such as (for example):
Cups of coffee (numeric)
Headaches (range)
Leg cramps (y/n)

I used to use Health360 but the fact that I can export the data for analysis over time made it useless. Oh yeah, export capability is key!

What are people using today for this type non-fitness tracking?

Have you tried Nomie? It’s another general-purpose tracking app with an iOS version, and it’s still being actively developed.


I personally like logging things with Workflow, IFTTT and Google Sheets. I’ve got a recipe for logging supliment intake but you can customise it to whatever you want really.

You can also use Workflow to log caffeine straight to Apple Health.

I used Daily Tracker by Lumen Trails and have every day for all sorts of data for 5 years. It’s simple, essentially a glorified spreadsheet, but it exports to google sheets and works great.


You may find an app called Reporter. You can customize all the questions it asks and when or how often per day it prompts you. I’ve tracked just about anything you can think of with this app in the past.

Another one, just released within the past week or so, which lets you pick exactly what you track and works in conjunction with Apple HealthKit, RescueTime, and a few others is Nirow.

Hope those help!

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