Recommended Self-Tracking tools to start tracking your life

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Let us discuss about few recommended toolkit for getting started with personal tracking. All the tracking apps are best available on:

  • Smart Phones : Smart phone will track almost everything from tracking your steps, intake of food, including most of the other life logging activities. Either an iPhone or Android device works perfectly fine.

  • Wearable Tracker : This is something which you can carry anywhere you go, to track your steps, heart rate, food intake, sleep and other daily activities. Some of the good options available in the market today are: Gramins Sports tracker, Apple Watch, FitBit Activity Tracker.

Predominant list of Tracking Apps can be best described as :

  • Habit Tracker : Self-track your habits for self-improvement. Overall habit tracking tools are fun way to build good habits and become a better person. Example : Habitica.

  • Heart Rate Monitor : Though it is on an expensive side, it provides more insightful information on your health and wellness. It periodically logs your heart rate. Recommended : Apple Watch.

  • Life Logging : It manually records and collects different data points depending on your different moods. A manual tool can be used to log in. Example : Nomie.

  • Moves : This application tracks your travel and stay at various places. It calculates passive tracking based on periodic configuration.

  • Project Time : This application tracks your manual freelancing time you have put in completing a project for your clients. It is most helpful in billing your clients as well. Recommended : Toggl.

  • Sleep Tracker : It is the most developed area of tracking with wide areas spread. It augments the detailed data on how long you sleep and how well you sleep. Recommended : Sleep Cycle.

  • Task Tracking : This tool helps you track your task management and project management activities. It enables lot of data on your usage and how to leverage and track the completed tasks. Example : Todoist.

Eventually, the whole concept of self-tracking is to improvise the standard of living, personal understanding and attain self-transformation.


Here’s my list of currently used/recommended apps and devices, which you can find on here:

Lumen Trails Daily Tracker: manual data collection for anything
Ride Report: automatic bike ride collection
Moves: automatic maps & transport details
MyFitnessPal: food logging
Swarm/Foursquare: My check-ins at business & locations which I push to my website using Aaron Parecki’s ownyourswarm
Beeminder: nearly everything quantifiable (check out my longer post here)
Toggl: time tracking (I love it so much I pay for Pro)
YNAB: expenses
Reporter: randomized pings with customized questions
Sleep Cycle: sleep tracking (iphone)
Fitbit Flex 2: step & sleep tracking (wearable)
MyRA: arthritis pain & med tracking
Runkeeper: running + biking
Clue: period tracking Weight Lifting stats
Spot Trace GPS: tracking my location when I don’t have cell service (like in Siberia)

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