Recovering from severy injury: my personal story

Ever had a severe injury? I have made some slides about my personal story, for a recent presentation for Jakob Eg Larsen at the Denmark Technical University (DTU) at QS Copenhagen.

Here’s the link:

My Lessons Learned (this is in the slides):

  • ‘Citizen’s science’ and ‘Patient Expertise’ support faster diagnosis and better/accelerated treatments
  • The responsibility of healthy living primarily lies with you
  • Exercise is crucial for mental and physical health, but load and loadability should always be carefully observed.
  • Physical and mental fitness is a big plus, when recovering from operation or injury
  • Recovery processes are very similar to training programs
  • Be a good patient, but not a ‘victim’
  • Put a 100% trust in your caregivers, but make sure to close the gap between them
  • Build a support network.

I hope this can be use to people that are the same process now as I was back then. Feel free to share this and discuss, please contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards, Marcel.


The rules, with some obvious changes are the same for chronic pain and other chronic diseases.

I agree…thanks!

I am just getting around to reading some posts that I missed earlier last months - I want to say thank you for sharing these slides. This injury seems very tough, but your lessons are well taken.

Gary, no problem. There’s always a lot on the plate. even if you make the plate bigger…or smaller.

I had a tough time, but I was able to rise to the challenge. Hopefully, my story can inspire people to re-energize or re-think, e.g. during therapy.

Thanks. And what is the best exercise for recovery from injury?

Start with movement, gently increase range of motion and move towards light exercise - avoid stress and pain whenever possible. Do not overdue it.

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Wow, that is a great presentation and you showed some real grit.

Thank you George! Hopefully, the slides can help to support other people, in improving grit or in caregiver skills/empathy. Best, Marcel.