Reducing the amount of different subforum

It takes effort to switch subforum.
A subforum with only a few threads doesn’t really serve a good purpose.

I would propose to halve the amount of subforums.

Agree. It will make the forum looks more active, until the need for subforums become clear.

I agree with the spirit of the idea, and went ahead and joined Jobs with Startups, since they cover related matters. Jobs are at Startups (often), and Startups often have job openings. Makes sense. The classification becomes a bit more difficult for other subforums though.

Another join could be Design with Data. Those seem sufficiently different though, that a subforum titled “Data privacy and visualization” sounds a bit disjointed to me. They only have “data” in common, since “privacy” and “visualization” are generally not related. An alternative would be to have the two subforums joined into a “Data management” subforum.

Happy to see proposals for a structure with half the number of subforums, that doesn’t conflate too much, e.g. “Exercise” and “Nutrition” could become “Well-being”, but that would be overly general.

On the other hand, we’ve just had a proposal to create a new subforum for Productivity.