REMzen Sleep Tracking

Greetings! I am the founder of a small startup called REMzen. We have built an intelligent slumber mask that tracks your sleep–including REM (not even touched by most)–and incorporates a full-spectrum light therapy smart alarm. We are particularly suited for QSers, as we also give the user unfettered access to the raw data captured by the mask (EEG, EOG, Actigraphy), so you can biohack your own sleep and even write your own algorithms! This is a huge step toward having a small, unobtrusive sleep lab in your own home.

We have a crowd funding campaign running now and time is limited to support us. Please consider pre-ordering your REMzen mask today! Orders placed now have a firm ship date of October 2015.

The campaign website can be accessed directly through:

And you can read more at: