Reporter / TagTime fans, I need your input

Note: this was originally posted on the Beeminder forum. I’ve updated the MVP wireframes based on the responses I received there, and just want a bit more feedback from the non-Beeminding community.

I’m putting together a tagtime mobile / smartwatch app (AKA “StampTime”) as a side project and want your invaluable feedback.

I made some wireframes, please take a look. They’re interactive, so you can either leave comments there or on this thread. This is the second draft of these wireframes after a round of feedback from the Beeminder forums. They’re pretty ugly.

I’m open to any feedback about the current app flow, things you want to see on the roadmap, and what other services/applications you’d be interested in seeing.

Since the members of this forum are the target market, I’ll post updates here as they happen. I also set up a mailing list for those people interested in being testers.

Goals for app MVP:

  • Android / iOS
  • Beeminder integration
  • Multiple tags / time

Future goals (MVP++):

  • smartwatch (what devices?)
  • location tracking (surprise! where are you RIGHT NOW?)
  • integration with Habitica (it seems cute)