Reporter's inquiry: life-logging for self-protection?

Hi. I’m the editor of a site that covers the intersection of technology and politics.

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who may be doing some kind of life-logging as a way of protecting yourself from being abused, either by a boss who doesn’t pay you fairly for the hours of work you do, or, conceivably, so there is a digital record on what happens to you if you have a bad encounter with the police. In the wake of current events, where some people have died in controversial encounters with police, and some have called for more police to wear video cameras as a response, I am curious to hear from people who may be life-logging themselves as a form of self-protection.

I can be reached directly at msifry-at-gmail-dot-com.

Micah Sifry

No response from your email. One of my buddy tried reaching you.

Sorry, I never got an email from your buddy. They should try again! msifry at gmail.