Request: Comprehensive Excel based dietary logging tool

Hi guys,

I’m looking for tool to log a whole bunch of vital information for later analyzing it through SPSS statistical software thus identifying the determinants of my well-being. I DON’T want an online tool because I think their degree of customizability doesn‘t fit my needs. I think, on the current state of technical development, an MS Excel spreadsheet based solution would fit best.

In order to give you an impression of what I need, I will give you examples of the data to be collected:

  • Meal contents: relative proportion of macronutrients, total kcal, weight, vitamins, minerals, fibers, ect.
  • Number of meals
  • Time between meals
  • Duration of sleep
  • Mood
  • Energy Level
  • Hunger
  • Blood Sugar
  • Sports: duration, type, intensity
    and more

All this data should be logged for two weeks or more and then be aggregated for analysis through statistical software (e. g. SPSS)

I’m currently planning to use a strongly customized version of the „true natural bodybuilding diet planner“ (download link: Since it would need a lot of work, I’m asking you if you could recommend to me a different solution.

Thanks a bunch