REQUEST: Meeting in US August 2023 for PhD Project

Hi everyone!

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Applied Arts Vienna currently working on a project on body optimization and longevity by means of artistic research - through documentary photography and other artistic processes. The project should create awareness about today’s increased possibilities of body quantification, modification and longevity against the backdrop of the effects on society at large. As a result (as an exhibition and photo book), this will inform a broader audience about the possibilities and challenges of a bodily future that will definitely have to negotiate viewpoints on body modification as well as the role of algorithms in our lives.

I would be happy to talk to and meet with YOU - people that are dealing with methods, tools, nutrition and many other things to optimize your body. Right now I am planning an extended research trip to the US in July/August 2023 and would be happy to meet with you if you are based either in California or the New York area. Also if you are based in Europe: I am planning more trips starting this autumn.

If that sounds interesting to you and you would be happy to contribute to this project: please get in touch with me here or via email at or at +43 607 60 88 666.

Thanks so much in advance!

Fabian Weiss
Photographer | Visual Storyteller | Artistic Researcher
Doctoral Candidate at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
mobile: +43 670 60 88 666
orcid: ORCID