Research Collaboration (Data Stream Miner)

Hi Friends,
I am new to this world of QS, I am working on research project and want to apply Data mining algorithms on live QS streams. Please suggest me how I can access the data into my mobile App.

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Hi Habib, welcome to the forum; there is quite a lot of expertise here. The best way to connect is to ask more specific questions, with some details about your project.

+1 to what Gary said.

What “QS streams” are you interested in? What are the algorithms looking at / doing? How are they logging the output?

These are just some of the questions that will influence the outcome as to how you can access “the data into [your] mobile app”. Any more info you can post would be, perhaps, very helpful.

Thanks You Very Much Gary and Dave!
Actually I am working on a mobile recommender system. My purpose is to analyze the quantified activities data and recommend the modifications in lifestyle. I am not sure whether this kind of apps are already in practice or not? Moreover, If someone can share his/her experiences and activity recognition code It’ll be very help to me.

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Lots of passive “recommendation” systems exist. A very basic example of this could be Fitbit; there is a recommended number of steps to be taken, glasses of water to be consumer, etc.

I think for recommendations to be of most value you need to pick a well defined, concise area of lifestyle, and nail it. I can’t think of one tool I’ve used that “nails it” just yet… but it’s coming (or maybe already here).

It’s a very difficult task to produce detailed recommendations because of the variance in bio individuality.

Do you have a specific area of interest, Habib?

Sorry for late reply Dave,
Actually, I am looking for health related data streams (in android apps) so that we can recommend the activities on the basis of physiological data as well as environmental data. For example, a diabetic patient may need a physical workout as the outside temperature may be suitable for her and she had already taken extra calories and her blood pressure and heart rate is stable.

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Have you come across these two pages?

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