Research Project - University of Toronto Masters Thesis

Hello QS community,

My name is Brian Harding and I am a Masters student in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. I’m in the process of researching my thesis and am looking for interview participants.

I am conducting one-on-one interviews with people who do some form of tracking or quantifying in order to learn about your practices: what you do, how you developed it, what the outcomes are, what tools you use. I’m interested in all kinds of practices: it doesn’t have to be technically complex or original, I’m more interested in your motivations for tracking and your personal experience of the process. The interviews are semi-structured which means that I’ll have some questions to guide the interview but basically it’s just an informal discussion and exploration of your interest in QS. No preparation required!

This is social research–falling generally in the domain of Sociology/Science and Technology Studies–so I’m focused on the human side of QS. My thesis is oriented around the question of knowledge and how technology affects how we know things. I’m particularly interested in the idea of “self-knowledge” in relation to QS.

If this sounds interesting to you and you can volunteer approximately 45 minutes of your time please contact me and I’ll provide you with more information. The interviews will be conducted via Skype or FaceTime or any other media that is covenant for you (or if you happen to live in the GTA we can discuss the possibility of conducting the interview in person).

I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

Brian Harding /