Resting Heart Rate

We are looking for feedback on a new app we released for the iPhone to measure and track resting heart rate.

Resting Heart Rate by SensorBLE

A person’s resting heart rate does not change much day to day allowing significant changes to stand out. By making it easy to measure and see long term trends we hope this app will help you discover insights into your health and fitness.

We would really appreciate any feedback to improve future versions of the app. Feedback on how the trend data is presented is especially important to us. An Android version will be available soon.

Thanks - Rod


The Android version is now available on Google Play:

A special feature that may be of interest to the QS community is the Email Report. The report not only includes a current screenshot, but also a .csv file with the last year’s Reseting Heart Rate data formatted as yyyymmdd,HeartRate for easy spreadsheet analysis.