Reviewing consumer diagnostic testing - the people's consultant!

Hi all,

I set out on a mission to be the consumer’s consultant when it comes to finding your way through all the possible options for 1/ purchasing consumer diagnostic testing, 2/ volunteering and participation in open available research 3/ citizen science and crowd funded studies.

To help people understand what the plusses and minuses are to consider before you take the plunge or part with your money and which studies/services might be interesting for YOU!
That includes what you get from the services but also based on ethics and what happens to your data afterwards. All are not equal in this regard and we need someone watching out for this!!!

Please see a specific review I published on consumer genetic testing targeting UK consumers and the poor transparency of many of the testing providers.
Transparency of genetic testing services for ‘health,wellness and lifestyle’: analysis of online prepurchaseinformation for UK consumers. Dr Jacqueline A Hall, Vivactiv et al. European Journal of Human Genetics

We need to establish good principles early on in this field in order for self quantification with laboratory testing to be successful, to maintain public and consuerl trust and that will in turn be good for business and QS ers who want access to good services.

This is however a rather large mission and i’m looking for people to help me and to find some more funding to support this! IF you want to help me and join this journey I have started, please contact me :slight_smile:


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