Run Or Else (product promotion)

This is a service promotion for a new running motivation quant service.

   I have just launched a new site called Run Or Else

The site is for creating and tracking motivation to run. It uses a Stickk-style financial incentive. If you run/walk your weekly distance, you pay nothing each week. If you do not run/walk your distance, we charge your PayPal account and make a PayPal donation directly from your account to a charity (our current charity is the WikiMedia Foundation). The whole notion is that we can help you make not running more painful to you than running. Also we have a puppet video, go check us out

This is similar to the recently announced GymPact, except for running.

If you are interested in running, but have not yet found motivation to run consistently please give our site a try. We integrate with the RunKeeper API, so you would use your smartphone to track your running/walking progress in RunKeeper, (or you can manually enter it at the RunKeeper website) and then we handle everything else.

Please let us know what you think here or on our uservoice forums, and please do try it out.

-Fred Trotter