Running 20/20: how will we run in the future?

Often, when If I am running in ‘steady state’, my mind wanders of. One of the questions that comes to my mind is: ‘How wil we run in the future?’. How will technology change the way we run? Will it e.g. help more people to enjoy running, like I do? And will it help them to lead a healthier life? We have started a QS spin-out Meetup in the Netherlands, focused on just running, with the goal to answers these questions and to accelerate innovation.

Here’s the link to the Meetup:

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It would be great to have a talk or two about what you are learning in Running 20/20 at the QS conference in Amsterdam next June. Ping me if you have ideas…

Gary, thanks. Here’s a shortlist based on the past 10 Meetups:

  • Microbiome as the source of health and performance
  • Genes on the run: gene expression reveals talent as well as (health/perfomance) effect of targeted training programs
  • Running in extreme conditions: polar
  • Running in extreme conditions: desert
  • Data for Gold: how can better data help to improve performance and results?
  • HRV as an indicator for condition
  • Remote coaching and physiotherapy
  • Running with diabetes or Parkinson
  • Running therapy: running to reduce risk of/effects of depression

Here’s a link to the opening slides of the last Meetup:

i will add some more material in the weeks to come.

These are great topics! Let’s have a running topic at the conference with some show&tell talks, a breakout discussion, maybe a how-to session? And of course a run… Happy to have you lead some/all/any of this if you’d like.