Running 3 marathons on zero calories

I could use some assistance from the QS community. This new years I ran ~76 miles on zero calories at the Across the Years Ultra Race in PHX, AZ. One of the difficulties I had was taking blood glucose and ketone readings every two hours. My fingers would get cold and would not release blood upon pricking. The blood meters also would not function in the 40F degree temps.

I’ve had CGMs in the passed, but have lost access since the eBay ban. Is there a legal way to for non-diabetics to gain access to CGMs?

What techniques would you recommend for monitoring such a run? Guinness World Records was willing to acknowledge my record assuming I could provide ample proof of fasting.


What about the Freestyle Libre CGM sensor? Those are available on eBay, but have to order internationally. They will be available for purchase in the US soon, but you’ll need to order through a doctor.

Did you run Moab AND this race?

I ran 135 miles of Moab in October and did the 3 marathons on zero calories on New Years Eve. That was plenty of recovery time between the two events.

Either way, you operate in beast mode. kudos to you.