Saga vs Moves

I’m trying to decide which of these apps to use going forward. I started with Saga and have collected a bit of data with it. Then I recently tried Moves and find it more accurate and useful so far. The problem is that if I switch, I essentially lose all my Saga data because I can’t import it into Moves (to the best of my knowledge), so when doing analysis I could only analyze one data set at a time. Basically, I don’t want to switch, then realize I liked Saga more and have to switch back and have a big gap in my Saga location data.

So I thought I’d ask this community what their thoughts are on these two apps.

I’ve also found Moves to be a bit more accurate, but both apps make mistakes, and Saga doesn’t drain the battery quite as much.

Moves has a nicer UI, but neither app does any useful analysis.

Moves was acquired by Facebook, and it’s not clear if it will see much further development. On the other hand I’m not sure what Saga’s business model is, either.

Foursquare’s Swarm is another app to keep an eye on–I expect them to add automatic check-ins soon. Moves and Saga both use Foursquare’s location database, so the data the three apps produce is very similar.

I currently support Foursquare and Moves on, and am hoping to add support for Saga real soon now; this lets me switch between the three apps without having any gaps in my data :slight_smile:

And what about google location history?

I am working with Moves and Argus for tracking steps. They produce very differnet numbers. Where Moves might report 2010 steps, Argus comes up with 3468. Is one more accurate than the other? Is either of them accurate at all? I am still on an iphone 4s and am limited to that technology right now.

I’m not sure if it’s relevant here, but Health app in modern iOS counts steps in background. And it’s very accurate.

If you have iphone with motion coprocessor (5s / 6), it’s also very energy-efficient (which can’t be said about Moves. It used to eat my battery in half a day)

Keep in mind that what drains the battery most when using the Moves app isn’t the step counting, but the location tracking. Neither Saga nor Moves are good choices if you don’t care about the location data.

Moves is more accurate, I did a test by walking on my street and got the result of 82 steps. Argus were way off with 114 steps, while Moves pointed around 86. And I’ve got iPhone 4, so yeah, pretty much on board with Moves from now on. :B