Scanadu shutting down/bricking devices

Any Scanadu owners/backers out there? Looks like your devices will soon be bricked:

Customers flocked to this futuristic medical tricorder. Now they’re crying foul

Clever! They got customers/backers to pay them to share their health data :smiling_imp: Basically, they used some clever tactics to get the product into people’s hands without formal FDA approval:

When Scandu started advertising it, Scout wasn’t even fully developed, much less approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which reviews all but very basic medical devices for safety and efficacy. The startup got around that obstacle by selling the devices on Indiegogo while simultaneously enrolling customers in a research study run in collaboration with the Scripps Translational Science Institute.

And now that the study is completed but FDA approval has not been granted, they are saying they have to shut down/brick all devices in the next few months.

I demoed the product at the last QS conference and while it looked slick, the data it could collect was a far cry from the promises they were making of a true “medical tricorder”.

Yeah, many of us are pretty @#$%^&*!!!

It was advertised as still working for the purchaser locally after the study was complete. Now they are reneging. I’m guessing there will be a class-action suit against them.