School project! HELP

Hey there!
We are some girls who are writing a school project about selftracking (especially tracking of your running). And we would like to ask your guys some questions, because we don’t know much about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The questions sound like this: Can/does it change the way you look at yourself, when you constantly can track yourself/your shape etc?

Why do people have a need to put their results on facebook, twitter etc. where everybody can see it?

Please please, help :smiley:

Hey ladies,

Posting stuff on social networks works to help you achieve your goals in two ways:

  1. You become accountable to your friends
  2. Your friends encourage you.

There’s and entire community built around peer encouragement -

Tracking my moods has definitely affected my moods. Several times I’ve gotten upset, and when I logged that I was upset and what I was upset about, it made me realize how stupid it was to be upset about it. Other times when I’ve been really excited and logged about it, it mellowed me out.

Tracking my blood pressure and sugar level keeps reminding me that my blood pressure is a bit elevated and my blood sugar level is too high.