Seamless tracking app

I’m a developer of Lyfe — an app that has a mission to improve people’s well-being in a data-driven way. We hope it becomes a personal buddy interface between you and the mountains of data you generate each day.

I know you’ve seen a lot of quantified self apps and probably are using one. We were using them too! We’ve also tried spreadsheets, diaries, and a bunch of different apps for a couple of years, but all of them were not what we were looking for. A year ago, we decided to collect all of our thoughts and needs for the app and rethink how self-tracking could be done.

The app is completely free right now. And it will be free for a couple of months for sure, as we are searching for investors to grow even bigger.

Please find the first version of our app here:
Lyfe - Optimize your life with the smartest day tracker | Product Hunt |

It has a lot to start, and we are planning or adding even more correlation and analytics features. Any feedback and feature request is appreciated!

Feel free to send us an email

Awesome to see you guys launch!

Upvoted! how does the AI work ?