Searching for an App with customizable metrics (with simple 1-5 or 1-10 scale)

Hello! I would love to have a tracker that enables you to give a name to a scale and then you can just track that. I do not care to much if the scale is 1-5 or 1-10 or whatever.

I have Fibromyalgia and probably ADHD. I want to track my own stuff (and maybe add trackers later)
I already have a Samsung Watch, so that tracks some stuff for me. What is missing is:

Mental state (depression / anxiety)
Energy level
Ability to manage business

It does not have to be a health tracker, just an app where I can give a name to something and then track it. (weirdly I need something where I can name the scale, because e.g. for me “productivity” is not the same as “ability to manage business”)
It does not have to be fancy. But I thought that tracking it in my android phone would be easier than having to insert things into an excel spreadsheet.
I need to be able to somehow extract the data so I can look at changes over time and show my doctor.

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Perhaps timular?

You can add tag/notes to each timed block. I have the physical tracker and really like using that.

Their support is good so you could also try writing them and asking how it will fit for your purpose.

Hello! I work at a place that built an app to do this. We use single-sign-on methods to keep the number of accounts you have to manage to a minimum. It also is building in cloud-syncs with Fitbit and Samsung is on the list.

I mention it specifically because you want customizable Events with a scale for measuring them independently or concurrently, it sounds. Though our scale per Event is not yet in the production mobile app, it is 90% finished and should be available soon.

Productivity is managed using the stress goldilocks scale. However it can be more finely measured using Events, Tags in the Notes, and as mentioned the upcoming intensity scale for extra Event details.

Please check out the Best Life Health Diary in the apple app store and google play if you’d like to see more.

Here is our website as well.

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Does bearable fit your use case?

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Hi all,

bearable and other apps do not work, thanks though!
I finally found something,


Following is list of many apps that may be what you want. Tools to survey symptoms and states - Personal Science Wiki I personally use mysymptoms, though out of inertia.

Hi Verena,
what about your mental state would you like to track?
I am working on
How would you like to track your symptoms? text or simply buttons?