Seeking 10 Fitbit Flexes for Dissertation Research

Hi there,

I am looking to purchase 10 Fitbit Flexes. They will be used to study use and usability in an older adult population.

Therefore, please let me know if you are aware of: a fabulous deal on new ones; a trusted entity selling used ones; or a scholarship or donor who would be interested in funding such research :slight_smile:

Thanks much

Have you emailed Fitbit to ask directly?

Yes, the best they can do is a 20% discount on 25+ units.

But thanks for posting.

Why a Fitbit Flex? They are a glorified pedometer.

What if Fitbit decides to do a firmware upgrade that changes how steps are counted halfway through your study?

A glorified pedometer works well for what I am doing.

Good point, I will need to monitor that.